Here are a set of ui patterns i’ve created for myself. You can download it for free; modify, share, do whatever you want with it. (adobe illustrator cs recommended. tested with adobe illustrator cs, adobe photoshop, adobe fireworks)Download it: ui (2,3M)package contains:
* input box* text area* buttons* golden ratio box* links* pulldown menu* checkbox* optionbox* image placeholder* browse field* scroll bars* tabbed menu* tabbed box* header menu* search box* pagination* captcha* mini calendar* rating stars* breadcrumbs* uploading indicator* logo placeholders* volume slider* some text blocks* icons for: email, search, close, cancel, player actions, settings, information, calendar, fullscreen…file formats
* adobe illustrator 9 .ai* adobe illustrator cs .ai* adobe illustrator 9 .eps* pdflet me know if you need the set in any other format or about the modified versions you make.quick tips for beginners:
* always use pen and paper to sketch. it’s faster this way.* use a thick marker while sketching.* after you are done, use this set to see the results in more realistic view.* test, test, test. ask your friends if you have no budget.* “text is the ui.” use dummy text only in the very early stages.* start designing with the smallest unit such as name field for a sign up form; or a blog item for blog site.* don’t fell in love with your design. be open to change.more patterns will be added later. so, you should follow me at your favourite platform:* twitter* facebook** friendfeed* email: cb at pilli dot com* my blog: (in turkish)